Sylhet, the land of two leaves and a bud, blessed with the Mazar of the two great shrines named Hazrat Shahjalal (R.) and Hazrat Shahporan (R.) is the alluvial land of the river Surma and many small hills with tea gardens and natural forest having an immense tourists attractions. To meet up the increasing demand regarding security issues of the inhabitants of Sylhet city and its suburb areas, Sylhet Metropolitan Police (SMP) was formed on 26 August 2006.

The total area of SMP is about 518.43 sq, km including 27 wards of Sylhet City Corporation, 08 Unions of Sylhet Sadar and 10 Unions of South Surma Upazilla under Sylhet district. SMP starts its office activities from 26 October 2006 at Water Development Board rest house situated in Naiorpul point of Sylhet City. A part of the police barrack of Range Reserve Force (RRF), Sylhet has been transformed as the police lines of SMP. SMP ordinance, the 2nd ordinance of 2006; the Sylhet Metropolitan Police act 2009 published in 06th April 2009 enforced from 15th October 2006 are the legal basis of the unit. According to the act, SMP area is divided into six Police stations as Kotwali model, Jalalabad, Airport, South Surma, Moglabazar and Shahporan. In terms of area it is biggest metropolitan police unit of Bangladesh.

At the initial stage SMP starts its operation with two former police stations of Sylhet District, because the new Area of Responsibility (AOR) was not approved for the newly established six police stations. The new AOR getting all administrative approval of the government was published on 10th May 2011 and On 11August 2011, SMP starts its full strength operation through the inauguration of redistributed AOR of  06 police stations of which there are four new Police Stations.

In the organizational structure, SMP has 01 Police Commissioner, 01 additional police commissioner, 04 deputy police commissioner, 02 additional deputy police commissioner, 27 Senior assistant/ assistant police commissioner and 42 police inspectors posts.. In its structure SMP has Six Divisions, as:

  1. Headquarter Division
  2. Traffic Division
  3. North Division
  4. South Division
  5. Public Order Management Division
  6. DB & Prosecution Division


Headquarter Division:

This division has following branches headed by an assistant police commissioner or senior assistant police commissioner:

a)      City Special Branch

b)      Accounts

c)      Transport

d)      Force

e)        Reserve Office

f)        Training


Traffic Division

This division has the following Branches headed by an Assistant police commissioner or senior assistant police commissioner.

A)    Traffic north zone

B)     Traffic south zone

C)    Protocol


North Crime Division

The following units are operating under this crime division.

a)      Kotwali Model Police Station

b)      Jalalabad Police Station

c)      Airport Police Station

d)      Patrol Units:

I)       Amberkhana Police Outpost

II)      Sobhanighat Police Outpost

III)     Bondorbazar Police Outpost

IV)     Lamabazar Police Outpost

V)       Shiberbazar Police Outpost

VI)     Shahjalal (R.) Mazar Investigation Centre

VII)  Osmani Medical Police Box

VIII)   Pathantola Police Box

IX)     Other Police Camps


South Crime Division

The following units are operating under south division

A)    South Surma Police Station

B)     Moglabazar Police Station

C)    Shahporan (R.) Police Station

D)    Patrol Units

I)            South Surma Police Outpost

II)           Kamalbazar Police Outpost

III)         Shahporan (R.) Mazar Investigation Centre

IV)         Tilagodr Police Box

V)          Lawai Police Box

VI)        Other Police Camps